Rydell is a Director/performer with many years performing on stage and in front of the camera. He has recently become a two time nominee for the NBC Directors Program. His experience as not only an entertainer, but a Child & Family Therapist and Military NCO has taken him around the globe. Although his heart will always be in his home state of Alabama, his favorite U.S. cities include Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, and New York.  The main objective of Rydell's life is to experience it fully and to live with no regrets.  As he looks forward to expanding his career as an Actor/Director, Rydell is always interested in new and exciting projects.  At the dawn of 2011 he started Ynot SinPelo Ent in order to tell the stories he finds dear to heart.

Rydell has been cast in the long running Days of Our Lives

Rydell has been cast in the Trilogy TZW4 Titan Base 

Rydell was cast in Sniper Special Ops and it can now be seen on Netflix

Rydell has been cast to host Gun Control Along side Olympians, Police Officers, and Shot Show Champions Rydell is ready to make a new one!

Rydell has been cast in the WW2 project Doolittle's Heroes 

Rydell has been cast on the hit comedy Speechless!!!​

Rydell has been cast on the hit show  Bones!!



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